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Holiday Baskets

All orders for Christmas week must be placed prior to December 16.

We do not deliver on Christmas Eve

Basket One

6 bagels

2 four ounce cream cheeses



 McStevens Hot Cocoa

2 muffins

Lindt Chocolates



Basket Two

12 Bagels

4 Four ounce cream cheese



2 muffins

McStevens Hot Cocoa

Lindt Holiday Chocolates


Basket Three

12 Hard Rolls

8 ounce tuna salad

8 ounce chicken salad

8 ounce egg salad

8 ounce ham salad

8 ounce seafood

3 pieces of fruit

 McStevens Hot Cocoa

Lindt holiday Chocolates




Basket Four

12 bagels

2 8 ounce cream cheese



1 six ounce hot cocoa container of McStevens Hot Cocoa

4 muffins

3 pieces of fruit

2 bags of coffee 


Holiday Baskets are only offered in the Month of December 

Happy Holidays!

Delivery Charge not included in listed price

Holiday Baskets: Text
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