Bagel Baskets

Bagel baskets available for delivery or pick-up. Please call the Watertown location to place your order. Custom baskets also available upon request.

Sandwich platters also available!

Basket A

6 bagels

2-four oz. cream cheese

1- four oz. butter 

2 muffins

1- four oz. jelly


Basket B

6 bagels

3-four oz. cream cheese

Assorted tea bags

1- package of Green Mountain coffee

2 biscotti 

2 pieces of fruit


Basket C

12 bagels

4-four oz. cream cheese

2- four oz jelly

1- four oz. butter

2 muffins 

2 pieces of fruit

2 biscotti 


Basket D

Welcome baby!

6 bagels

2- four oz. cream cheese

2 muffins

1-four oz. jelly

2 pieces of fruit 

Baby toy


Basket G

18 Bagels

3- eight oz. cream cheese

1-four oz. butter

2- 4 oz. jelly

2 biscotti

2 pieces of fresh fruit

1 package of Green Mountain Coffee


Basket H

6 bagels 

6 Hard rolls

5- 8 oz. of our store made salads (chicken, tuna, egg, ham, seafood)

2 packages of Green Mountain Coffee

3 pieces of fruit


Basket I

18 bagels

3- 8 oz cream cheese

1-8oz. tuna salad

1- 8oz. chicken salad

6 muffins/pastries 

3 pieces of fruit 

2 biscotti 

2 packages of Green Mountain Coffee

2- 4 oz. jelly

1-4oz. butter

Assorted tea bags


Cookie Trays

Cookie Box

20 cookies

$10.95 +tax


40-60 cookies- $30.00 +tax


60-80- $35.00 +tax


80-100- $40.00 +tax

Fruit Salad 

10-15 people- $35.00+tax

Pasta Salad

10-15 people- $30.00+tax

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